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Jewellery Care

Over time Sterling silver can tarnish. This can be caused by chemicals in your environment or products used on your skin or on your hair; it can even be caused by what you ingest. If your item is stored away in your jewellery box this can cause build-up of tarnish. If you are going to store your item please use the box it was received in (or separately from other items and not open to dust). This will help to stop scratches from other pieces. If you received one from us, store with the Town Talk Anti-tarnish Silver Storage Strip (pink slip of paper).

The more you wear your item the less it will tarnish due to rubbing against skin or fabric etc.

Use a polishing cloth at the first sign of tarnish. You can get polishing cloths which are impregnated with silver or gold cleaner. Be gentle when rubbing the item with the cloth as you could damage or scratch the piece. Follow this process regularly to keep the item looking its best.

For items with stones, I find it best to use an old soft tooth brush with warm water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid. Be gentle you don’t want to push any stones out. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately. Do not leave the item in the solution as this can cause a build-up that can only be removed with professional polishing.

Remove jewellery when

-Exercising due to sweat on the skin

-Cleaning due to chemicals being used

-Swimming due to chlorine or salt

-Applying makeup hairspray, body spray or perfume (put your jewellery on last)

Gold items suffer from less tarnish but please still follow the above recommendations to keep your items in the best condition possible.

Any other issues don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help.

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